April 13, 2008

Weekend Recap

Saturday started early, like 7 AM early. I met my man sbc for a 3-1/2 hour road ride. We warmed up by riding from Jax Beach to Atlantic Beach and then headed to the PV Lodge to join the Lodge Ride. Both of us intended to sit in for this ride but since only 5 or so people were willing to do any work after the fast group broke away after the bridge, we ended doing a lot of work taking pulls and covering gaps and whatnot. Seems we were not the only ones who intended to sit in. Anyhow, it was annoying but still a good workout. From there we headed down A1A to the Gate Station with a solid group of 5 top notch guys from the ride. The ride back to sbc's pad was nice considering we had a tail wind.

Sunday, Char and I headed to Hanna Park after sleeping in and hitting brunch at Jerry's Grill over on Atlantic & Hodges. It was a mellow ride for me while she had some intervals planned. Besides the brown ice, the trails were in good shape and we both had a good ride. Char even busted her lap PR! Solid.

Its amazing how many people at Hanna never see these signs...

And its even more amazing how many people in cars out on the road are oblivious to this one...

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