April 14, 2008

Clean Bill of Health!

Today Mayfield had her last visit with the vet as a foster dog. We had adopted her from the local boxer rescue and decided to take her before she was done with her heartworm treatment. Once she was cleared of all medical conditions, the adoption became official and thus the foster-to-adopt came to an end. Welcome home Mays!

To celebrate, Char & Avery headed over to the UNF track to calibrate Char's new Polar heart rate monitor. I'm sure I'll get into it later, but Char and I just got new Polar S725X's this past week. This makes life a lot easier as far as logging our training into Training Peaks, which is the program our coach uses to plan and monitor our workouts. Seems we've been logging workouts like we're from the dark ages or something prior to this week... Anyhow, Avery was feeling a bit frisky and busted out a mile at the track! Solid.

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