April 17, 2008

NBA Playoffs

Man, I love the NBA. While I don't get too excited during the regular season, I tend to get pumped for the playoffs. Being from Kentucky, I don't necessarily have a favorite team- I tend to follow players- mainly former Wildcats. This year I am pulling for the Celtics partly because of Rajon Rondo (Louisville native!) playing point, partly because I am intrigued that the Big 3 (Allen, KG and Pierce) can actually play together and partly because I've always kinda thought the Celtics were cool because of Larry Bird.

This year is going to be very interesting because of the matchups out West. Man, the West is stracked! I am still surprised that Kobe led to Lakers to a 1 seed and I think they will handle the Nuggets easily in the 1st round. Landing Gasol during the seaon was huge for the Lake Show. Hornets/Mavs? Wow, Hornets a 2 seed? Is Chris Paul really that good? Tough call on this one but I hate to see Dirk lose again. Toss up. Spurs/Suns? Another epic battle. The same old boring Spurs against the slower Suns now that Shaq is in there slowing the tempo down. I really like Steve Nash and Amare but this will be a 7 game toss up also. Jazz/Rockets? Not intrigued by either team and don't see either team getting past the second round. But can T-Mac finally get somewhere and do it without Yao? Probably not. I'm calling the Lakers getting back to the Finals.

The East looks a little clearer as far as matchups. Boston will sweep Atlanta. Detroit will beat Philly in 6. I think the Magic will get past the Raptors but be too young to get any further. Look out for Dwight Howard and the Magic down the road... I think the Cavs and Wizards may go 7 with LeBron pulling it out almost by himself. I doubt Cleveland will have any chance of making it back to the Finals because again, the supporting staff isn't that great. So is it really Boston's year? If Detroit, and my man Tayshaun, are playing like their old veteran playoff selves, then it will be tough. But I see the new look Celtics in the Finals and a classic Lakers/Celtics showdown!

MVP? Hell, thats tough. Kobe? KG? Chris Paul? LeBron? Who knows what the voters will be thinking this year.... All I can think about are my Converse Weapons from back in the day! Bird or Magic?? Ha!

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