April 17, 2008

Boys of Summer

Ahh...the Cubs. As far back as I can remember, I've loved the Cubs. When we got cable when I was a kid, we had WGN and thus I met the Cubs. Every year I've had hopes that they would finally get over the hump and get to a series. I was hoping to see them play the Red Sox when the whole Bartman thing happened. Last year they got swept by the D-Backs after getting back to the postseason. So many years, so many disappointments. What about this year? Soriano just went on the DL but they have some solid backups. Lee's bat is HOT and Zambrano is tough as usual. Hopefully Wood will become a good closer and hopefully Ramirez will get back to his slugging ways. How about the Japanese guy Fukudome? So far so good. Anyhow, if they can get their pitching in order maybe they can make a little run. Maybe. I'm tired of the whole 'Lovable Losers' thing or the whole 'Maybe Next Year' deal. C'mon Cubbies!

Speaking of baseball, I need to get to more Suns games. I think I've only been to the new stadium 2 or 3 times. Its such a great atmosphere and the Suns always field a competitive team. Anyhow, Char and I need to hit some Thirsty Thursdays!

Last thing- for all you Yankee haters...isn't it great seeing the Red Sox as the new class of the division? I became a Sox fan in the Navy in response to all of they annoying, die-hard, loud-mouth Yankee fans. A Cubs-Sox series would be one for the ages...

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