April 21, 2008

Sunday stuff...

After sleeping in and then eating too much for breakfast at Mimi's Cafe (that place rocks!), I got to see who won the Matt Serra/George St. Pierre UFC 83 fight Saturday night. I love the UFC and I try to record all of the different "leagues" of mixed martial arts on my DVR. I watch them when I am forced to ride the trainer. Anyhow, I was disappointed that I had to miss the fight but it sounded like it was a good one! After dominating Matt Serra for 3 rounds, St. Pierre scored the TKO and reclaimed the title. GSP is such a pimp! He's by far one of my favorite MMA fighters, even though French Canadians aren't necessarily my fav...;) But after watching Matt Serra on the Ultimate Fighter, he just became too damn annoying so I looked forward to GSP getting some revenge. Speaking of Ultimate Fighter, this season looks pretty solid with Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin as coaches. Did anybody see that knockout on the second show? Oh my- it was one of the worst KO's I've ever seen!

Sunday's weather was absolutley perfect! I headed out with Avery and Mayfield for a mile run in the afternoon. Avery runs 3 miles total when she's at my house for the week. She also runs with her mom at Girls on the Run on Saturdays. Sunday she ran really well and finished her mile in 10-1/2 minutes. I confident thay she will continue to make that time get lower and lower. Mayfield didn't seem too thrilled towards the end of her first run with us but she too will get better with more practice!

So the NFL Draft is next weekend. The draft hype is great but seems to have gotten out of control lately. They have too many shows analyzing, re-analyzing and then analyzing the analysis of the draft. Thats all you hear about on sports talk radio is the draft and who is going where and who wants who and so on. But the draft is still cool. I like to see who goes #1 and then see who all makes the first round. The Jaguars' picks are always fun to see and then be criticized. This year will be especially cool because of all the studs in the draft from UK. UK's offense was one of the best in the nation the last few years and several of their key players will be on the draft boards. I expect QB Andre Woodson to go maybe 2nd round and then WR's Keenan Burton and Steve Johnson should go by round 5. TE Jacob Tamme and RB Rafael Little should get drafted pretty high as well as tackling machine LB Wesley Woodyard. Another player I look farward to seeing get drafted is Louisville native and UofL star Brian Brohm, who should be a 1st rounder.

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