June 22, 2012

Fast Rides

So far this week I have put in 2 pretty solid efforts on the 2 fastest group rides in Jax. On Tuesday I hit the Open Road ride and then on Thursday I hit the County Line ride. So a lot of folks wonder- how do they compare? Well, take a look at this comparison and see how similar they are. Even though both groups have a good mix of fast dudes, these rides are really dictated by how hard you want to make them. On both of these rides I had good legs, did a fair amount of work at the front and then positioned myself to be in contention for the final sprint. Both rides had plenty of accelerations over 30 mph and the final sprint speeds were similar- right under 35 mph for Open Road and just over 37 mph for County Line. The difference was probably due to wind and maybe a little of who was leading out the sprint trains. At any rate, this is a cool comparison that the cyclists at the beach and in town should find interesting but which one is actually faster is a matter of perception...and who shows up...     

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